ISBER 2017 Annual Meeting Highlights

Contributed by Adam Terris, Association Coordinator The ISBER 2017 Annual Meeting took place in the bustling city of Toronto, Canada from May 9-12 with delegates coming from across the globe for the conference. On the banks of Lake Ontario, a whole host of activities took place over the four days... Read more →


Veterinary Biobanking Workshop

Contributed by Piper Mullins, Program Manager for the Pan-Smithsonian Cryo-Initiative The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) hosted a workshop on April 9-11, 2017 to discuss the future of veterinary biobanking. In particular, the group focused on the many challenges to biobanking and to sharing high-quality animal... Read more →

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The Open Journal of Bioresource (OJB): Making Bioresources Visible through Publication

Dr Anne Cambon-Thomsen (Editor-in Chief), Dr Laurence Mabile (Editorial Advisory Board Member), and Dr Barbara Parodi (Editor-in-Chief) It takes considerable time, work and money to set up and maintain a bioresource that is useful for research. For those wishing to make their bioresource usable by the scientific community, the BioResource... Read more →


ISBER 2016 Regional Meeting Highlights

Contributed by Adam Terris, Association Coordinator ISBER’s first ever Regional Meeting took place in Bethesda, Maryland, USA on November 7-8 with over 300 delegates in attendance. With six symposia, three workshops and much more, it was a fruitful two day schedule. The theme of the meeting was “Quality Biobanking for... Read more →