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The Open Journal of Bioresource (OJB): Making Bioresources Visible through Publication

Dr Anne Cambon-Thomsen (Editor-in Chief), Dr Laurence Mabile (Editorial Advisory Board Member), and Dr Barbara Parodi (Editor-in-Chief) It takes considerable time, work and money to set up and maintain a bioresource that is useful for research. For those wishing to make their bioresource usable by the scientific community, the BioResource... Read more →


ISBER 2016 Regional Meeting Highlights

Contributed by Adam Terris, Association Coordinator ISBER’s first ever Regional Meeting took place in Bethesda, Maryland, USA on November 7-8 with over 300 delegates in attendance. With six symposia, three workshops and much more, it was a fruitful two day schedule. The theme of the meeting was “Quality Biobanking for... Read more →


Biobanking, Zoology, and The Pill

Managing a Wildlife Conception Center and Biorepository   By Rick Michels Marketing Director, Freezerworks For exotic and endangered wildlife, whether it be the giant panda, white rhino, mountain gorilla, or even the humble koala, fertility is our ally and great hope for species preservation. When such animals successfully mate in captivity... Read more →

Get Involved in the ISBER Best Practices Update!

The ISBER Best Practices will be reviewed and revised to reflect advances in research and technology. The process to update the Best Practices guidelines will be led by the Editor-in-Chief Lori Campbell. It is expected the work for this project will begin in late 2016 and be completed by the... Read more →