Goodnight, and Good Luck!

July 14th, 2016 in Editor Corner


Rick Michels, Outgoing ISBER News Editor

It’s been a fun, challenging, and worthwhile run, but this post marks the end of my Editorship of the ISBER News. When ISBER co-founder Elaine Gunter asked if I would step into her shoes as the Newsletter Editor. it was November of 2012. If I remember correctly, the first thing I said was “These shoes are too tight.” Then I think I said something like, “Sounds like it could be fun. Sure. Why not. Just show me what to do.”

So, we had a good time working together on a couple issues, back when the ISBER News had issues (no, I don’t mean it like it sounds!). I learned the ropes, took over the job a few months later, and, well, here we are today. But I feel I’ve taken this venerable institution about as far as I can, and believe it’s time to pass the vision on to another worthy ISBER volunteer.

Finding talent within ISBER to keep the News running is so easy, and I have been blessed to work with so many of you over the years. It’s been a great experience. I am afraid of naming names, because I know I will leave some folks off, but I do want to give a special shout out to Angela Notah-Chavez, Natalie Polinske, Elyce Eddy, Adam Terris, Fay Betsou, Susan Baker, my two Publications Chair bosses Marianna Bledsoe, Brian Clarke, special Japan correspondent Koh Furuta, and of course my mentor and dear friend Elaine Gunter. It’s been a real pleasure working with all of you  And finally, a real special shout to my most recent Assistant Editor, Cathy Seiler, who I am happy to announce will be taking over as Editor of this blog.

Cathy has been my right hand person the past few months and am very happy to be able to pass the torch to her. She is extremely talented and thoughtful, and bristling with new ideas with enthusiasm for moving the ISBER News into new vistas. I think it will be great to have someone who works daily in biobanking with the talent Cathy has at the helm. For you day-to-day biobankers, this blog is your voice. You have a real advocate and fellow worker at the helm, one who knows what it takes to get high quality specimens to the researchers so they can do their jobs to ultimately improve life for all of us.

I want to encourage the ISBER community to embrace Cathy the way you have me. Reach out and let her share her vision (and work) with you. I couldn’t have done the job without so many of you pitching in with stories, ideas, support and encouragement, and in like manner Cathy can only take it so far without you.

Warmest regards,


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  1. Marianne Henderson says:

    THANK YOU RICK! Your service to ISBER has been tremendous and your impact will continue to thrive.

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