The International Resource Locator Seeks Participation!

October 10th, 2018 in Working Group Update

The study of human biospecimens is a fundamental to clinical and basic cancer research. Finding and obtaining quality human biospecimens can be a challenge to successfully understand cancer progression, discovery and validation of biomarkers. The ISBER WG for International Resource Locator (IRL) was established with the generosity and help from Information Management Services, Inc. and launched in 2015. The IRL is a searchable online data base of international specimens of all kind, including animal, seeds, cell lines etc.  This resource and the associated data is available to anyone seeking specimens for research.  Features of the IRL include:

  • Searchable Database: The database is searchable by type of repository, specimens or data.
  • Submit Request to Add Repository: Repository owners wishing to list and distribute their specimens may request to participate via an electronic form.
  • Edit Repositories and Collections: Participating repositories may login to the IRL to update their profile and collections.
  • Information and News Items: including links to information resources where individuals may subscribe to receive news.
  • Help Features: If any assistance is needed the website provides a link to get help and as well assistance with using the IRL website.

Currently the IRL administrators are recruiting repositories to participate in the IRL. Participation will increase your repository profile on a global stage and is free.

It takes 3 easy steps to apply:

1. Visit the IRL website
2. Click “How to Participate” at the top of the page.
3. Fill out the electronic form.

If you have any questions about the IBL or registering your biobank, please contact us.

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