Last Chance to Register for the Biospecimen Proficiency Testing Programme

October 7th, 2015 in Featured Article
Amélie Gaignaux, PharmD, PhD, Proficiency Testing Project Manager

During the summer, IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) opened registrations for this year’s edition of the Biospecimen Proficiency Testing (PT) programme, co-developed and endorsed by ISBER.

Laboratories working with biological samples or biospecimens can sign up for one or multiple PT schemes and compare their performance to that of other laboratories from different sectors all around the world. The PT programme provides an external quality assessment that is generally needed for compliance with certification and accreditation requirements.

Yearly participation in a PT programme is essential to allow laboratories to monitor their performance over time and prove consistency. To support the principle of regular external quality assessment, IBBL has chosen to offer discounts on subscriptions to a specific scheme for 2 or 3 consecutive years. This discount can be applied in addition to the usual 20% off for ISBER members.

Based on feedback from previous PT participants, this year IBBL doubled the number of schemes on offer to make it a total of 12 inter-laboratory testing and processing schemes:

  • DNA Quantification and Purity
  • RNA Quantification and Purity
  • RNA Integrity
  • Cell Viability
  • Tissue Histology
  • DNA Extraction Efficiency from Whole Blood
  • RNA Extraction Efficiency from Whole Blood
  • DNA Extraction Efficiency from FFPE Cells
  • RNA Extraction Efficiency from FFPE Cells
  • Viable PBMC Isolation
  • Serum CD40 Ligand Quantification
  • Serum/Plasma Haemoglobin Quantification

Deadline to Register: October 30, 2015


IBBL acts as a PT provider in accordance with ISO 17043: they produce the reference material and organise the shipment of material to participating laboratories, who will then use their routine processing or testing methods to extract or characterise the samples. Once all the participants have submitted their results online, IBBL carries out the statistical analyses and evaluates each laboratory’s individual performance relative to the assigned values and the other laboratories’ results. Each participant receives a Certificate of Participation, as well as a personalised report with detailed statistics.


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