Have you taken the Pre-analytical External Quality Assessment (EQA) Survey yet?

May 26th, 2016 in Committee Update
Contributed by the ISBER Biospecimen Working Group

The Pre-analytical  External Quality Assessment (EQA) Survey allows participants to benchmark their pre-analytical practices to other biorepositories.  Participants receive an individualized report which includes the results and statistics obtained by all biorepositories who have participated.  This is all at no charge to the participants.

Developed by the ISBER Biospecimen Science Working Group (with contribution by the Neurodegenerative Diseases Working Group), this 63-question survey includes questions related to quality assurance and quality control, and is applicable for all types of biorepositories including clinical and environmental.  In this context, the term “pre-analytical” refers to all variables that affect the quality of biospecimens, which are defined in the Standard PREanalytical Code (SPREC).

A preview of the EQA results is shown here, or take the survey to see the results for all 63 questions.

Click here to start this free survey and see how you compare!

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