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April 9th, 2015 in Featured Article

Biopreservation and Biobanking – your ISBER journal!


Jim Vaught, Editor in Chief, Biopreservation an Biobanking

As you know, Biopreservation and Biobanking is ISBER’s official journal, where many of ISBER’s important documents have been published such as the Best Practices and the ISBER Corner, a regular feature written by a variety of ISBER members.  Many ISBER members are among the Deputy and Section Editors and the general Editorial Board membership.

One of my jobs as Editor in Chief is to assist potential authors with formulating their ideas into manuscripts and topics for individual papers or special sections.  I invite and encourage all ISBER members to consider submitting their work to Biopreservation and Biobanking.

In my December 2014 editorial for the journal, “A Good Year for Biopreservation and Biobanking,” I noted a number of positive developments:

  • The successful application for PubMed and MEDLINE® indexing. Over time this achievement should have a positive impact on the number and quality of manuscript submissions, as well as new library subscriptions.  Note that the journal is also indexed in: PubMed Central; Science Citation Index Expanded; Biotechnology Citation Index®; Biological Abstracts; BIOSIS Previews; Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition; EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; EMBiology; Scopus; Chemical Abstracts; and ProQuest.
  • Full-text downloads of the journal’s articles increased by 11% during 2014, and this trend has continued into 2015. For the long term, such statistics should translate into significant increases in the impact factor.
  • Deputy Editors Marianna Bledsoe, Robert Hewitt (European Editor), Allison Hubel and Peter Watson provide outstanding service in coordinating reviews of manuscripts, writing editorials, and in general contributing to the overall improvement in the quality and variety of manuscripts we are publishing.
  • Our general Editorial Board is populated by an outstanding mix of international experts. During 2014 and early 2015 we added new members from South Africa, China, Japan, Qatar and India. On that note, we received manuscripts from 29 countries during 2014, continuing our commitment to be an international journal, just as ISBER becomes a more global society.

Biopreservation and Biobanking receives manuscripts in the form of Original Articles, Brief Reports, Review Articles and Meeting Reports.  Under the leadership of Features Editor Jamie Devereaux, we also publish special features such as Biobank Profiles, which are often suitable for brief descriptions of a biobank or network’s development and activities, but without the research data which would be required for an original article. Other journal content includes the ISBER Corner, Experts Speak columns and guest editorials written by invitation to editors of special sections, or on special topics of interest to our readers. We are receiving a fairly representative mix of biobanking and biopreservation articles, and in the near future we hope to increase the presence of ethical and regulatory issues, and environmental biobanking papers.

Since mid-2012 when the current senior editorial team was put into place, we have seen an increase in annual manuscript submissions of over 50%.  In 2014 we received over 100 submissions.  Through the end of March 2015, we are on a pace to exceed the 2014 submissions, which allows us to be more selective in terms of the quality of papers accepted and published.

We have published several special sections which have been very well-received by our readership, including the topics of Disaster Planning, Biobank Sustainability, and Biobanking in Emerging Countries.  Especially noteworthy, as ISBER’s presence in China is growing with the recent selection of a China Director-at-Large, is the April Special Issue on Biobanking In China.

Ideas for new topics, special sections and other features are always welcome as we continue to grow.  Although most of you should have access to the print or online version of the journal, for a detailed view of current and past contents see:

In order to submit a paper go to: For first-time authors you’ll need to create an account in Manuscript Central and then follow directions to format and submit your manuscript and figures/tables online.

I’m happy to answer any of your questions.  Please send your emails to Any questions which I cannot answer I’ll pass along to our editorial staff or the publisher’s office.

Thanks for your support of ISBER’s official journal!

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