The new ISBER News Blog is on the air!

February 3rd, 2015 in Editor Corner

And we are so excited!

Enjoy the features as they arrive here, and please comment! Your input is vital in making this the go-to place for ISBER developments! If you enjoy a story, have something to add, need more information from the author,  let us know in the comments!

We want this Blog to be the place to share the ISBER community developments, so notice how easy it is to submit an artcle for consideration. Don’t worry about form – just focus on the content. Our crack editing team stands ready to add the polish. And yes, we LOVE pictures!

We hope the new blog format will allow us to get news to you in a more timely manner.

As we get our feet wet with this format, we want to inaugurate it with some re-submissions. Over the course of the next couple weeks we will be re-publishing some of our favorite articles on this blog: kind of a “Best of ISBER News”. Some of these stories you may have missed, and may read for the first time. Others, you may want to enjoy again. And again, we want to invite you to comment – especially if there are any new developments on any of these articles you wish to update the community on.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Rick Michels – Editor
Angela Notah-Chavez – Assistant Editor


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  1. Hello there,
    Is anyone aware of a regulation/guideline for overwrapping samples in cryostorage in liquid nitrogen ?


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