World Cancer Day: #WecanIcan

February 3rd, 2016 in Uncategorized


ISBER News has lately been encouraging our members to become connected and active in the social media. In particular through Twitter and Facebook.  Now, suddenly, we have a social media event, a world wide campaign at that, in which all of us can participate. And not only that, but help to spread the word to our friends, our families, and our colleagues, that ISBER plays an important role in defeating cancer.

Thursday, February 4 is World Cancer Day. All day you will be seeing pictures on social media like the one above. It’s all part of the #talking hands media campaign. We’d like our ISBER members to join in!

It’s fun, and easy:

  1. Write a supportive World Cancer Day message on your hand, using the ‘We can. I can’ theme. For example “I can support cancer research through biobanking”
  2. Take a picture of your hand featuring the message. Be creative! Use a backdrop like the picture above that shows ISBER News. You may want to feature your biobank.
  3. Share the picture on your social media accounts, and connect with ISBER, other biobankers, and cancer fighters worldwide using these hashtags:

#worldcancerday, #wecanican, and to connect with ISBER members and fellow biobankers, you may want to include any or all of these as well: #isber, #biobanking, isberbiobanking, #bankagainstcancer


Then, visit to see your picture featured on the wall of support. Also visit the ISBER site, and click or enter the hashtags shown above to connect with other ISBER members and friends.

It’s time for ISBER members to stretch our social media muscles and let the world know how important biobanking is to defeating cancer! If you are still new to Twitter or Facebook, scroll down the ISBER News blog to find our “how to connect” articles or click on these links: Twitter and Facebook!



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